This is to call attention to the newest addition to the Financology site Menu: Comments. It outlines the intent and policy behind the Financology Comments section.


If you’ve submitted a reply and don’t see it appear, check here. Virtually all comments that aren’t approved are obvious spam. Occasionally comments are moved to a more appropriate article; this helps give them context and makes it easier for readers to find material on topics they’re looking for. To see your comment where you submit it, consider this when you post … if it’s appropriate for this site there is almost always a recent article where it’s a good fit.

The Comments section under each article is also a good place for follow ups on the topic, and I make extensive use of it to round out, correct and update content in articles rather than post a new article on the same topic. Readers are encouraged to check the comments under recent posts for any topics of interest as fresh material often appears there.

Comments welcome!

4 thoughts on “Comments

    1. Bill Terrell says:

      I don’t know. If there is, it would be the same as for a comment added to a newer post … I know of nothing that discriminates based on the date of the post. Comments are regularly submitted for articles dated across the past few weeks though, both by myself and by others. As far as I know the most dependable way to find material of interest is by subject matter.

      If you don’t see a notification feature, the only other option I can think of would be to register. That would mean creating an account in order to comment … username, password, etc. As it’s currently structured the site works very similarly to the popular Wolf Street site. It’s organized by topic and there is no registration required.

      There evidently is a registration system because there are 81 registered users; few if any however that have been known to comment. Do you not see any opportunity to register? If you don’t, I’m not sure why, but most likely one could be added in conjunction with the addition of a proper discussion board, which not only might include notification features but would also be more news flow oriented and encourage user initiated topics.

  1. Milton Kuo says:

    I’m not sure how this web site is built on the back end but if it is difficult to have a per-user notification system of when new comments are added, it would be nice to have a page that shows all a table of all comments to all topics, sorted by date of posting.

    As it is, it is possible that someone replies to a comment someone makes on a topic from a few months ago and the person being replied to would never that his posting has received a reply unless he were to actually go to the topic/article and scan all of the comments. In all likelihood, no one is ever going to review every topic he has ever posted to on a regular basis to look for new comments.

    1. Bill Terrell says:

      Thanks Milton. Much appreciate the feedback … it will help set the site agenda. Meanwhile to find comments it’s generally enough to just check the last several posts and that can be further narrowed down by topic. It’s rare to find replies to articles older than those that appear on the most recent Posts listing.