Inflation is back … with a vengeance.  Here is the latest chart of the Financology Dollar Index.  Notice at the far right the plunge in the global market value of the US dollar.

FDI 2020 0815

That last peak you see in this weekly chart, by the way, occurred on March 21 … just before the Fed announced QE Infinity.

2 thoughts on “Whiplash

  1. cb says:

    Below is a link to a presentation by Refinitiv, which I believe is a subsidary of Real Vision, a group that expends a great deal of resources to the study of macro economics.


    From about 6:30 through 11:00, I think there are questionable premisies introduced. However, the overall presentation is good and thought provoking.

  2. cb says:

    I remember that index! As I remember, it follows the value of the dollar compared to a huge basket of goods and assets. For the most part it shows steady devaluation of the dollar for several decades.